Why become a member?

Loksatta Party is committed to bring much desired change in our Indian politics. For the first time in Indian Political history Loksatta is adopting the most transparent membership model that enables true internal democracy within the party.

The idea is to involve more people own, drive, lead and fund this party. Loksatta's new membership model stands as a true messiah of hope for all of us in building a platform that stands for liberal, democratic and honest politics. 

Let us all join hands with Loksatta and see that it sustains and serves the cause it stood for.

By becoming a member, you can:

  • Get tax exemption for your membership fee
  • You will be able to vote in the internal party elections held for various party positions. The level at which you can vote depends on the membership tier you take
  • By participating in internal elections, you will be directly helping shape the party
  • Life members can contest in internal party elections for various leadership positions within the party
  • If you are interested, committed and capable, party will invest in training you and grooming you to take on several internal as well as electoral positions

To be the change you want to see in the world, you need to take the first step and becoming a member of Loksatta party is one important step you can take.


Join hands to transform Rudramapeta!