Elizabeth Seshadri

Leader Position: 
Member, National Council
Leaders State: 

Elizabeth Seshadri was born in Kerala, grew up outside India in Bahrain, studied law in Bangalore, practiced law in Delhi, found a life-partner from Tamilnadu and settled down in Chennai.

She loves the India of contrasts and diversity. She dislikes getting trapped in isms but believes in the right of every individual to responsible liberty and equality of opportunity in the need for institutions of governance that function as checks and balances on each other and in the power of a vigilant citizenry and media to correct distortion of systems. She enjoys being an idealist and an optimist in a world that has way too many cynics anyway.

Elizabeth practiced commercial law and was partner at the law firm, Iyer & Thomas, Chair of the Client Protection Committee and officer of the Professional Ethics Committee of the IBA, till she decided to focus all her time on politics. She continues to work on issues of legal system reform through the Forum for Independence, Accountability and Transparency in the legal system (FiatLegal). She focuses actively on local issues in South Chennai Parliamentary constituency and Velachery Assembly constituency.

Education: BA LLB (Hons)


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