Dr. JP Hunger Strike for AP Special Status

At a time that all other parties were focused only on themselves, Loksatta was the only party that unearthed the huge injustice done to AP right in November 2013 with the impending state division. Loksatta pinpointed to the revenue deficit and fought tooth and nail to get a written commitment from the then GoI.

The union budget and accompanying statements from GoI have justifiably caused public outrage and Loksatta will fight for the people of AP until adequate provisions are made and justice is done.

"This fight is about the future of AP youth. I will go on hunger strike on March 3rd in Anantpur, March 5th in Vishakapatnam and March 8th in Vijayawada. I call upon everyone to join me in this agitation", said Dr Jayaprakash Narayan.

Dr Pattabhiramaiah, the Interim AP State President said "Dr Jayaprakash Narayan is the original author of the terms of state division and had his delivered his compelling demands to the then GoI. He has every right to demand adequate provisions and justice for which we will mobilize public support in Anantpur, Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada."

Mr Bheesetti Babji said "This is about injustice to the Telugus and damages our self respect! Come join us and we will fight for your justice"


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